Project 001 is a 2D, pixel art horror game. The goal of the player is to escape a mansion they have found themselves inside. On the player's journey to escape, they will find weapons and resources, they will need these to look out for themselves and fight enemies along the way. Apply Here!


Project 002 is a social media platform for developers. It will be a combination of Reddit, Stackoverflow and Trello. This is our latest project, started at the end of 2020. This project is going to be very large scope and will take at least 3 years to be completed. Apply Here!


Game Developer
Works on the game itself in the GDScript language, sorts out assets and makes sure everything is working correctly.

- Have all necessary skills with the Godot Engine
- Know and understand the fundamentals of GDScript
- Have basic experience with Github

Web Developer
Works on the social media platform, either backend or frontend.

- Must know either the React JS Framework or the Django Framework
- Have basic experience with Github

Can either create assets for Project 001 or create images for Project 002

- Must have good experience and passion for art.

Business/Concept Manager
Makes design and concept decisions for the aim of getting users for our project.

- Must have studied business for at least 1 year.
- Must know exactly what business & concept tatics to use for our target audience.

UI Designer
Works on the designs for our games/websites and consults the business/concept manager on the design itself.

- Must have good experience with art/design.

Game/Level Designer
Specifically for Project 001, comes up with game concepts and ideas.

- Must have the creative ability to design games and levels.

Sound Engineer
Creates music and sound effects for Project 001.

- Must have ability to create good quality, unique music/sound effects.

Writes game stories and legal documents

- Speak fluent English.
- Have the ability to write in a formal manner.