Owl's Toolbox Terms and Conditions

First Created: 23/04/2020
Last Updated: 30/11/2020

This is the terms and conditions for Owl’s Toolbox. Please read through these principals and conditions.

These terms and conditions have been written for the purpose of Owl’s Toolbox. Owl’s Toolbox is a games and software development studio located in the United Kingdom. These terms and conditions are specific for the official website: owlstoolbox.net

Contact Information:

You can contact the official studio at: support@owlstoolbox.net
You can contact the studio owner at: sam@owlstoolbox.net
Any spam or unwanted promotion sent to these emails will result in communication between accounts being blocked.

Registration Requirements:

Only humans are permitted to register to Owl’s Toolbox. Any violation of this principal will result in account termination, as well as all your purchases registered on the site being lost.

Fees & Payments:

The only circumstances in which payments are provided are if you have purchased a product on our website, or if any payments are issued by the government.

External Links:

Any links that do not contain 'owlstoolbox.net' do not belong to Owl’s Toolbox. We are not liable for any damage or loss caused by those websites.